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Interstate Removals

We have furniture removal trucks that cover all of Australia. With a fleet of trucks always on the move, backloading furniture interstate from state to state and city to city. Moving furniture and goods like no other using the best interstate backloading removalists. The Backloading Company are ready to help with any home or office furniture backload, cheap interstate backloading quotes three hundred and sixty five days a year. We are the GO-TO backloading specialists. Servicing Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and more. Request a free backloading quote today!

Providing you with cheap and reliable backloading moving service all over Australia. Specialising in interstate furniture BACKLOADS both small and large.

the Backloading Company will provide you with a free backloading quotes based on a cost effective and reliable backloading solution. All interstate moving quotes are based on size of load and the distance your furniture needs to be transported. Backloads are done by utilising returning removal trucks within your pickup and delivery locations. Major backloading locations include:

Gold Coast Backloading Service Approved Gold Coast Backloads
Gold Coast Backloading Service Approved Adelaide Backloads
Logan Backloading Service Approved Logan Backloads
Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Brisbane Backloads
Cairns Backloading Service Approved Cairns Backloads
Sunshine Coast Backloading Service Approved Sunshine Coast Backloads
Sydney Backloading Service Approved Sydney Backloads
Newcastle Backloading Service Approved Newcastle Backloads
Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Melbourne Backloads
Werribee Backloading Service Approved Werribee Backloads
Melton Backloading Service Approved Melton Backloads
Canberra Backloading Service Approved Canberra Backloads
Wollongong Backloading Service Approved Wollongong Backloads
Darwin Backloading Service Approved Gawler Backloads
And More...

Ever wondered how to find the right Adelaide Moving Company? With Adelaide now a regular backloading removal destination from any state. Providing a full interstate backloading move to the greater region of Adelaide in South Australia


moving services from Cairns to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne each week. The Backloading Company have some of the most competitive backloading quotes for interstate removals to Cairns and within Queensland. Including Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Mackay, Bundaberg and more…

Trained backloading removalists are with decades of experience ensures a quality of service and duty of care when moving furniture. A large network on backloading removalists ensures you receive the highest specific attention to your backloading removal needs and wants. We train our removalists to pack, wrap and stack furniture to ensure a safe and secure transportation of goods.

Backloading States Include:
Queensland Backloading Service Approved Queensland backloading removals to Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns and more…
New South Wales Backloading Service Approved New South Wales backloading removals to Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and more…
Victoria Backloading Service Approved Victoria backloading removals to Melbourne, Bacchus Marsh, Bairnsdale and more…
Australian Capital Backloading Service Approved Australian Capital Territory backloading removals to Canberra and more…
Northern Territory Backloading Service Approved Northern Territory backloading removals to Darwin, Alice Springs, Palmerston and more…
South Australia Backloading Service Approved South Australia backloading removals to Adelaide, Gawler, Mount Gambier and more…
Tasmania Backloading Service Approved Tasmania backloading removals to Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and more...

Get in early to book your interstate backload on one of many interstate removal trucks today!

The Backloading Company provide proven long-distance backloading quotes that are affordable and reliable!

Backloads to all states and territories every day using experienced and trained removalists. The Backloading Company are interstate moving experts that take care when transporting furniture long distances. Interstate furniture backloads with everything included. A door to door moving service with pickup and delivery that will save you time and dollars! Affordable and cheap backloads available 365 days a year.

The Backloading Company have operated for over two decades. Providing affordable interstate moving services for home or office furniture and goods. With over thirty five thousand customers moved interstate throughout Australia. The Backloading Company strive to be an affordable and reliable moving service with real results.

Transit Insurance

The Trucks are 100% insured for transit insurance. Insured for complete and major damage including fire, theft, overturning and more... Call us today for more information.

The Backloading Company - Adelaide Truck

Across Australia Backloads

We backload furniture throughout Australia. Including Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and more. Providing backloading pickups & deliveries to and from the following locations:


Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Brisbane, QLD
Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Melbourne, VIC
Adelaide Backloading Service Approved Adelaide, SA
Perth Backloading Service Approved Perth, WA
Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Hobart, TAS
Canberra Backloading Removalists Canberra, ACT
Gold Coast Backloading Removalists Gold Coast, QLD
Sunshine Coast Backloading Service Approved Sunshine Coast, QLD
Gawler Backloading Service Approved Gawler, SA
Mount Gambier Backloading Service Approved Mount Gambier, SA
Moe Backloading Service Approved Moe, VIC
Melton Backloading Service Approved Melton, NSW
Bendigo Backloading Service Approved Bendigo, VIC
Geelong Backloading Service Approved Geelong, VIC
Mildura Backloading Service Approved Mildura, VIC


Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Brisbane, QLD
Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Adelaide, SA
Gold Coast Backloading Service Approved Gold Coast, QLD
Sydney Backloading Service Approved Sydney, NSW
Canberra Backloading Service Approved Canberra, ACT
Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Melbourne, VIC
Tarree Backloading Service Approved Taree, NSW
Cairns Backloading Service Approved Cairns, QLD
Gosford Backloading Service Approved Gosford, NSW
Coffs Harbour Backloading Service Approved Coffs Harbour, NSW
Newcastle Backloading Service Approved Newcastle, NSW
Wagga Wagga Backloading Service Approved Wagga Wagga, NSW
Gawler Backloading Removalists Gawler, SA
Darwin Backloading Service Approved Darwin, NT
Townsville Backloading Service Approved Townsville, QLD


Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Brisbane, QLD
Adelaide Backloading Service Approved Adelaide, SA
Perth Backloading Service Approved Perth, WA
Hobart/Launceston Backloading Service Approved Hobart/Launceston, TAS
Mt Isa Backloading Service Approved Mont Isa, QLD


North Queensland is now a regular route for backloading pickups and deliveries:

Port Douglas Backloading Service Approved Port Douglas
Townsville Backloading Service Approved Townsville
Cairns Backloading Service Approved Cairns
Airlie Beach Backloading Service Approved Airlie Beach
Rockhampton Backloading Service Approved Rockhampton
Mackay Backloading Service Approved Mackay Backloading
Bundaberg Backloading Service Approved Bundaberg

Other location for backloads include:

Central Coast Backloading Service Approved Central Coast, NSW
Gosford Backloading Service Approved Gosford, NSW
Coffs Harbour Backloading Service Approved Coffs Harbour, NSW
Melton Backloading Service Approved Melton, NSW
Tamworth Backloading Service Approved Tamworth, NSW
Hervey Bay Backloading Service Approved Hervey Bay, QLD
Sunshine Coast Backloading Service Approved Sunshine Coast, QLD
Ballarat Backloading Service Approved Ballarat, VIC
Pakenham Backloading Service Approved Pakenham, VIC
Palmerston Backloading Service Approved Palmerston, NT
Launceston Backloading Service Approved Launceston, TAS

Furniture Backloading

The Backloading Company are here to help you move long distances with ease! Using professional backloading services to and from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and more… moving Home or office furniture long distances across Australia is what they specialise in. Getting you're furniture moved from point A to point B. A reliable interstate moving service with proven cost-saving techniques and methods while maintaining a quality interstate move. Relieving you of the daunting process of moving yourself.

Interstate furniture backloads of all kinds. The Backloading Company use professionally trained removalists that know how to handle furniture of all shapes and sizes. Handling furniture from the time they arrive with care while they lift, load and transport.

Interstate Furniture Backloads

Request a free back loading quote today. Removal services throughout Australia for home or office furniture and goods. The most affordable way to move interstate is to get a backload. Moving home and office furniture throughout Australia daily. Reliable interstate furniture removals using experienced and trained furniture handlers. Dedicated interstate moving services for home or office furniture and goods.

For more information about our cheap backloads. Contact our office today or request a free quote through the website. You can also visit out facebook page below.

The Backloading Company - Storage

Interstate Backloading and more

The Backloading Company also move furniture outside of the areas mentioned. including many country towns/areas. Such as Central and Northern Queensland. Far West, Central West and Orana, Hunter, Murray, New England and North West New South Wales backloads. As well as the South East and the Tablands. South Australia including Adelaide Hils, Baroosa, Clare Valley and many more. We are a dedicated backloading removal Company providing backloads throughout every state within Australia.

To receive a FREE BACKLOADING QUOTE for transporting your goods from any location within Australia, simply complete the Quote Form and we will respond within 24hrs with a free non-obligatory quote.


New – Backloading between Adelaide and Sydney

Adelaide to Sydney and Sydney to Adelaide backloads is more frequent and more competitive than ever. Get interstate backloads to Adelaide in South Australia and Sydney in New South Wales from Adelaide every week. Free backloading quotes available for any home or office furniture from South Australia to New South Wales and New South Wales to South Australia. Weekly truck are currently available.


New - Backloading Weekly to and from Cairns

Ever thought about moving to beautiful Northern Queensland? Why not inquire about our cost effective weekly Cairns backload? Interstate removalist services that count. We will provide affordable interstate furniture backloading removal quotes to North Qeensland every week.

New – Interstate Backloading Removals

The Backloading Company can now transport furniture and goods using backloading removalists to more places across Australia than ever. Using proven interstate moving techniques to provide you with the best moving experience ever! Free backloading quotes area available now, request packing, dismantling and unpacking as part of your interstate backload.

Inquire today for our bargain storage prices.

To find out about our backloading removalist insurance please call our office today.

Victoria to Queensland Backloads

Melbourne to Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Melbourne to Brisbane to Cairns
Swan Hill to Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Swan Hill to Brisbane to Cairns
Portland to Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Portland to Brisbane to Cairns
Benalla to Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Benalla to Brisbane to Cairns
Clifton Springs to Brisbane Backloading Service Approved Clifton Springs to Brisbane to Cairns
Port Macquarie to Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Port Macquarie to Melbourne to Hobart
Townsville to Melbourne Backloading Service Approved Townsville to Melbourne to Hobart
Cairns to Melbourne Backloading Service ApprovedCairns to Melbourne to Hobart

Affordable removal services are easy when you consider hiring The Backloading Company to handle the job. Backloads of all shapes and sizes from all major towns and cities around Australia. Inquire today to ensure you get your preferred moving dates.

Australia Wide Backloads

The Backloading Company know how to move home and office furniture. Getting home furniture moved throughout Australia, Australia wide. Office furniture moved interstate across every state within Australia. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective removal services for home and business furniture and goods. Having a fleet of trucks always on the move, traveling through Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Providing interstate backloading removal services for everyone!

To get a cheap backload today. Contact us or request a free quote through the website.

Backloading Specialists

In summary there is everything you need to move interstate here with The Backloading Company. Meeting most if not all your moving needs by listening and understanding your needs. As a leading interstate moving company. The Backloading Company provide cost-effective, reliable interstate moves across Australia for all types of furniture.

Best Backloading Company

Find out more about Australia's best backloading company. Discover how The Backloading Company can deliver quality interstate moving services while saving you money at the same time!

1# Backloading Company

Preferred Movers for Home & Office Furniture

The Backloading Company are expert furniture movers. Expertise that spans more than two decades. Dedicated to providing their customers with the most cost-effective long-distance moving service, but not shy on quality. Using experienced interstate removalists. The Backloading Company will guarantee a next to perfect moving experience. Quality home and office packing, dismantling and assembling of furniture and goods.

Industry Backloading Leaders

Over 30,000 customers have been moved using a backload throughout Australia. These include home furniture backloads and corporate, business backloading services. The Backloading Company have created a name using the expertise of industry knowledge and standards for moving large amounts of furniture throughout Australia. So if you are looking for a moving company to get a share load removal service, The Backloading Company is the best option for you!

Budgeting for your Interstate Move

If you are hiring a moving company or want to move yourself. Some helpful tools and advice we can give you are decluttering. If you have things, you do not need or want anymore, consider taking them to the dumb or selling them. We find many people find out just how much stuff they own when it comes time to move interstate. The Backloading Company always advises customers to take the time and work out if there is anything you can replace and or is not worth moving with our backloading removals. Packing yourself is another great tip to help you save on your move. Packing is required with every move. It is not advised to leave things out in the open if they can fit into boxes for transport. For this reason, you should work out how many boxes you may need and buy some butchers paper or bubble wrap to get started packing yourself.

Backloading Service Locations

The Backloading Company provides comprehensive backloading services to customers all across Australia. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to provide tailor-made solutions for a successful move. From the tip of Queensland in Brisbane, down through New South Wales and Victoria, across South Australia and Tasmania, and throughout Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory - wherever you need to go, The Backloading Company guarantees quality service and maximum efficiency. No matter how far or how close your move may be, The Backloading Company has the resources and experience to make sure that your relocation is stress-free and hassle-free for complete satisfaction.

These are some regular backloading service locations for home and office backloads. Weekly and Monthly.


So what's Backloading all about?

Depending on which state you are moving to will determine how The Backloading Company will help. With both dedicated interstate removals and backloading services. A backload offers you a proven cost effective interstate removal service when for all returning trucks transporting just a few items or complete households of furniture. We also backload compnay freight at affordable prices. We can assist with car transportation and speciality items. Backloading although a cost-effective alternative to a dedicated removal service, does not guarantee uplift and delivery dates. Being a part of a backload removal involves your goods being placed onto a truck that is also carrying other booked jobs. This means you are only paying for the space taken by your goods on a backloading truck and the distance your furniture and goods will travel. You are not paying to book the entire truck and or trailer when you only require a small portion of space on a truck.

Best Furniture Removal Prices - Backloads

Backloading provide you with the best removal price and it is as simple as requesting a backload through The Backloading Company. You only pay for space your goods require on a truck and the distance your precious goods need to travel. It also helps us fill the truck. There are plenty of removal companies to choose from but The Backloading Company have the experience which exceeds two decades years. Our backloading removalists are experienced and trained to handle all types of furniture. They will pack, wrap and stack your furniture goods on a truck for a safe and secure transportation of goods.

We provide help to our seniors too!

The Backloading Company is proud to offer pensioner and senior home moving services for those in need. Moving can be a stressful experience for anyone, but our team of experienced professionals understand the special considerations that seniors must take into account when relocating from one place to another. That is why we strive to provide tailored solutions with maximum efficiency, quality service, and affordable prices. Our commitment to convenience and affordability makes us the perfect choice for pensioners or seniors who are looking to move their home quickly and easily while staying within their budget.


Australia Wide Backloads - Cheap Removalists

The Backloading Company know how to move. Getting home furniture moved Australia wide. Office furniture moved across every state within Australia. Our aim is to provide a cost-effective removal solutions for home and business. Having a fleet of trucks always on the move, traveling through Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Providing interstate backloading removals for everyone! Removals Insurance Australia Insure your goods whilst being packed, moved and in storage with a CARTS Removals and Storage Insurance policy! It is simply the best way to ensure your goods are safe and secured as part of any intertate backloading service.

When it comes to interstate furniture removals or interstate office furniture backloads. For over two decades The Backloading Company have been relocating businesses and residents through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and beyond. Specialising in furniture backloading removals using qualified and trained furniture handlers to ensure a safe and secure transportation of goods. The Backloading Company will also assist with speciality items such as motor bikes, small boats and other items that you may need moved.

It is important to get professional interstate backloading removalists to move interstate. Firstly, because they know how to handle all types of furniture goods, secondly because they know how to transport those goods long distances. They do this by following a pack, wrap and stack policy. Our interstate backloading removalists understand how daunting a long-distance move can feel. 18 years of interstate backloading removals have made our services a guaranteed affordable solution for moving home or office long distance. The Backloading Company understand the logistics of moving large and small loads long distances which consider to be Australia's Best Interstate Backloading Company using professional removalists and movers.

Complete Guide to Moving Home

Are you moving home? Congratulations! It's a big undertaking, but we're here to help. Use our Complete Guide to Moving Home to get the information you need to make your move as smooth as possible. We'll cover everything from hiring a moving company to forwarding your mail. So read on, and get ready for your new home.

We know that packing up all your belongings and finding a new place to live can be daunting. But don't worry - we're here to help. Our guide will give you all the information you need to make your move go as smoothly as possible. From hiring a moving company to forwarding your mail, we've got you covered. So read on, and get ready for your new home sweet home.


Backloading Fleet

We own all our trucks and they include 4 B-Doubles with the capacity of 160 cubic meters. 1 Semi with the capacity of 100 cubic meters. 2 Rigids both allowing 65 cubic meters of space for transit. Two local trucks, one with 40 cube capacity and the other 45.

Cheapest Backloading Removalists Australia Wide

Looking for reliable and cheap removalists? Look no further than The Backloading Company. We are professional removalists who offer affordable rates for moves both long distance and short distance. We have a range of services to suit your needs, so you can relax knowing that your move is in good hands. Our team of experienced and qualified removalists will take care of everything for you – from packing your belongings to loading them into the truck and driving them to your new home. We even offer unpacking services at the other end so you can get settled in as quickly as possible.Moving home or office can be a stressful time, but with The Backloading Company, it doesn’t have to be. We will take care of everything for you, so all you need to do is sit back and relax. We have a range of services to suit your needs and our team of experienced removalists will make sure your move goes smoothly. So why not give us a call today and see how we can help you with your next move?

Understanding Moving Furniture and Goods

Moving furniture is often considered the most labor-intensive aspect of changing residences. Whether you're hiring professional removalists or taking the DIY route, understanding the ins and outs of furniture relocation is crucial. In this guide, titled "Furniture Moving Guide: Preparing for Removalists or DIY Relocation", we'll cover a comprehensive range of topics: identifying different types of furniture, their disassembly and reassembly, proper lifting and handling techniques, access points in various living spaces, and how to prevent damage and injuries during the move. Our goal is to arm you with knowledge, ensuring you're well-prepared for the complex task of moving your furniture.

Understanding the furniture you're dealing with is the first step towards a successful move. Various types of furniture populate our homes, each with their unique dismantling and reassembly needs. From sofas and coffee tables in the living room, desks and bookcases in the study, beds and dressers in bedrooms, to dining tables and sideboards in the dining space, knowing how to handle these items is key. Some pieces might require careful dismantling for transport and reassembling at the new location, while others can be moved as is. This guide aims to help you identify these pieces, their specific requirements, and tips on how to manage them during the move.

Moving furniture isn't just about lifting and shifting. Proper dismantling and reassembling of furniture pieces, understanding the lifting and handling techniques, and awareness of different access points in your current and new residence can make the process smoother and safer. It's not just about strength but also strategy. Learning to navigate these aspects efficiently can reduce the risk of potential damage to your furniture and, more importantly, prevent injuries. In this guide, we'll walk you through the methods and precautions to ensure that your move is as hassle-free as possible.

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Moving Intertate

The Backloading Company are are a local and interstate Removal company Specialising in Backloading Australia Wide. From Tasmania to Darwin and everywhere in between. Phone: 1300 968 355

About Backloading

Adelaide Interstate Backloading Removalists

The Backloading Company provide all round interstate moving services to and from Adelaide. That means backloads from all major towns and cities around Australia back to Adelaide in South Australia.

Get all your Adelaide interstate backloading removal services with an interstate backload either to or from Adelaide. Specialising in furniture moving services in South Australia and beyond!

Moving Interstate to Adelaide

Move interstate to Adelaide from various parts of Australia including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. With regular backloading to Adelaide available from Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton, and Darwin.

The Backloading Experience

Backloading is a common phrase used by removalists to describe an inexpensive removal alternative. It helps removalists provide a cost-effective removal service for home and companies furniture and goods. Backloading generally takes a little longer than a traditional removal. Time frames for backloads vary depending on pickup and delivery locations.

Backloading generally means your goods will be loaded along with others on either a B-Double, rigid or semi. This helps create and keep removal costs down for the customer. Backloading has been around for a long time and The Backloading Company have been operating for over 18 years providing extensive backloading services through Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, The Northern Territory, Tasmania and more…

Interstate backloading removals may not be an ideal choice if you are moving from one suburb to another, but it is an affordable interstate moving service if you need to move long distance, making interstate backloading removals affordable and reliable. The Backloading Company cover most of Australia with a fleet of trucks always traveling through major cities and towns. Our backloading removalists will wrap, pack and stack your goods. Our backloading removalists are trained to secure your goods for a safe and secure transportation of goods.

To inquire about our backloading services you can either contact us directly on the number provided on the website or submit a quote request through the “Quote Now” button at the top of this page. It’s always a clever idea to inquire early to ensure we can secure your preferred moving dates for you. The Backloading Company are here to provide a quality interstate moving service for home or office furniture and goods.

Home Moving suggestions and tips

There are many desired moving locations. Find some of them by following the link below.
Desired Locations

Queensland Backloading Locations

In the state of Queensland, we will provide backloading services to and from, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Thuringowa, Cairns, Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Mackay, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Gladstone, Maryborough, Mount Isa, Bongaree, Nambour, Warwick, Yeppoon, Gympie, Emerald, Dalby, Bowen, Innisfail, Ayr, Charters Towers, Kingaroy, Mareeba, Moranbah, Roma, Atherton, Port Douglas, Deeragun, Goondiwindi, Biloela, Bargara, Gatton, Blackwater, Ingham, Jimboomba, Gracemere, Beaudesert, Bellbowrie, Stanthorpe, Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Russell, Macleay Islands, Longreach, Tannum Sands, Highfields, Gordonvale.

Finding the right Brisbane Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company in Brisbane can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. With so many options, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But don't worry! With the proper guidance and insight, you can sift through the crowd and find the perfect fit for your needs. Let's navigate this together. We're here to provide you with helpful steps and crucial information that will prevent you from falling into the trap of selecting the wrong moving company. Your journey towards a stress-free move starts here!

Queensland to Darwin Backloading Removalists

Moving from the diverse landscapes and coastal expanses of Queensland to the tropical allure of Darwin can be an exciting but challenging endeavor. However, The Backloading Company, specialists in interstate removals, are poised to turn this significant transition into a seamless experience. With expertise in 'backloading', a term coined within the logistics and transportation industry to denote the practice of using transport vehicles' return journey capacity after an initial load delivery, the company efficiently maximises resource utilisation while minimising costs and environmental impact. Whether you are relocating from bustling cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, or from regional areas like Sunshine Coast, Townsville, or Cairns, or even from smaller towns like Mareeba or Goondiwindi, The Backloading Company provides an economical, efficient, and sustainable way to transport your belongings to Darwin.

The Backloading Company prides itself in its extensive coverage across numerous locations. From the goldfields of Gympie to the urban precincts of Logan City or Ipswich, from the industrial sector of Gladstone to the vibrant beach town of Caloundra, the company's expansive network ensures that no matter where you are based, you can avail their backloading services. They have also invested in a well-trained team that understands the unique demands of each location, providing a service that is both personalised and professional. As an expert in backloading, The Backloading Company provides extensive benefits like cost-effectiveness, flexibility in scheduling, efficient utilization of resources, environmental friendliness, safe and secure transport, and wide coverage. In essence, choosing The Backloading Company is not just about saving costs, but it's a decision that contributes positively to the environment and the broader economy.

Moving home from Queensland to Darwin presents a significant life change accompanied by the intricate logistics of packing, transportation, and unpacking of personal belongings. The Backloading Company provides comprehensive solutions tailored to transform this seemingly daunting task into a smooth, hassle-free journey. Specialising in backloading, the company offers cost-effective services that optimise transport efficiency, significantly reducing moving costs. This strategy turns a major relocation from Queensland's buzzing urban and serene regional locations to Darwin into a manageable and economical process. Whether you're in coastal hubs like Rockhampton, Cairns, or in inland cities like Toowoomba or the mining city of Mount Isa, The Backloading Company ensures that the transition of your belongings is carried out efficiently.

More than just a transport service, The Backloading Company provides additional services such as pre-packing to ensure a smooth transition. A well-trained team efficiently packs your belongings with top-quality materials, securing them for the journey. This service, while saving a great deal of time and stress, also ensures your items are professionally packed to minimize any potential damage. From artwork to bulky furniture and everyday kitchen utensils, every item is handled with meticulous care. The service extends to complex items like pianos, antiques, and pool tables, which are moved with the help of specialised equipment. The Backloading Company continues to ease your journey by providing optional unpacking assistance once you reach Darwin. This service quickly transforms an empty space into a comfortable living area, making you feel at home immediately. With a comprehensive transit insurance offering, The Backloading Company ensures peace of mind during this significant transition. Choosing The Backloading Company is, therefore, a choice for a seamless, stress-free relocation experience, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home in Darwin.


New South Wales Backloading Locations

In the state of New South Wales, we will provide backloading services to and from, Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland, Tweed Heads, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Orange, Dubbo, Queanbeyan, Lismore, Bathurst, Coffs Harbour, Richmond, Windsor, Bomaderry, Nowra, Goulburn, Armidale, Broken Hill, Wentworth Falls, Katoomba, Forster, Tuncurry, Bellbird, Cessnock, Grafton, Taree, Ballina, Griffith, Sawtell, Singleton, Raymond Terrace, Weston, Kurri Kurri, Kiama, Lithgow, Bowral, Batemans Bay, Lawson, Hazelbrook, Muswellbrook, Parkes, Ulladulla, Inverell, Moree, Casino.

Victoria Backloading Locations

In the state of Victoria, we will provide backloading services to and from Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Mooroopna, Melton, Mildura, Wodonga, Warrnambool, Sunbury, Traralgon, Wangaratta, Moe, Yallourn, Morwell, Horsham, Sale, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Bacchus Marsh, Pakenham, Echuca, Bairnsdale, Warragul, Colac, Swan Hill, Portland, Lara, Hamilton, Benalla, Torquay, Maryborough, Clifton Springs, Healesville, Ararat, Castlemaine, Leopold, Seymour, Wonthaggi, Emerald, Stawell, Drouin, Kyabram, Lakes Entrance, Churchill, Cobram, Gisborne, Leongatha, Kyneton, Yarrawonga, Walla.

South Australia Backloading

In the state of South Australia, we will provide backloading services to and from Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Gawler, Port Pirie, Bridgewater, Port Augusta, Murray Bridge, Port Lincoln, Mount Barker, Victor Harbor, Aldinga Beach, Naracoorte, Renmark, Millicent, Goolwa, Berri, Nuriootpa, Tanunda, Kadina, Roxby Downs, Loxton, Strathalbyn, Moonta, Clare, Nairne, Wallaroo, Coober Pedy, McLaren Vale, Ceduna, Bordertown, Kapunda, Mannum, Barmera, Angaston, Willunga, Hahndorf, Waikerie, Kingscote, Lobethal, Peterborough, Woodside, Port Elliot, Balaklava, Sellicks Beach, Kingston S.E, Tailem Bend, Jamestown, Williamstown.

Western Australia Backloading

In the state of Western Australia, we will provide backloading services to and from Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Boulder, Geraldton, Albany, Kwinana, Broome, Busselton, Port Hedland, Karratha, Esperance, Carnarvon, Collie, Northam, Golden Bay, Singleton, Kununurra, Narrogin, Manjimup, Margaret River, Derby, Katanning, Newman, Tom Price, Exmouth, Kambalda West, Merredin, Mundaring, Harvey, Denmark, Kalbarri, Byford, Dongara, Bridgetown, York, Yanchep, Pinjarra, Mount Helena, Waroona, Wickham, Moora, Mount Barker, Dunsborough, Donnybrook, Stoneville, Parkerville, Two Rocks, Fitzroy Crossing, Dampier.

Tasmania Backloading

In the state of Tasmania, we will provide backloading services to and from Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Somerset, Blackmans Bay, Kingston, Ulverstone, Gagebrook, Bridgewater, New Norfolk, Wynyard, George Town, Sorell, Midway Point, Smithton, Penguin, Longford, Latrobe, Dodges Ferry, Lauderdale, Queenstown, Legana, Deloraine, Perth, Old Beach, Port Sorell, Scottsdale, Hadspen, St Helens, Stieglitz, Huonville, Ranelagh, Pontville, Bridport, Turners Beach, Westbury, Beauty Point, Rosebery, Seven Mile Beach, Evandale, Beaconsfield, Sheffield, Margate, Zeehan, Railton, Geeveston, Richmond, Cygnet, Snug, Currie.

Moving Interstate - Backloading Removalists

The Backloading Company provide interstate backloading removals around Australia. Starting with loading and unloading and expert furniture handling. Our expert removalists

Backload Cheap Quote

To get a backload cheap quote from The Backloading Company. Simply hit the Quote Now button. Fill out the form and we will process a free interstate backloading quote for you.

What is backloading?

Backloading is a typical expression utilized by removalists to depict an affordable moving service. So, what does it mean? All together for a moving organisation to expand their downtime and increment benefit, backloading is accessible for anyone moving interstate due to a truck that is coming back from an interstate trip returning to the depot with space available making it cheaper for you to move.

On the off chance that you exploit backloading, you will pay for the space that your furniture and goods take up on a moving truck traveling in the direction of your move.

If you use a traditional removalist service, the costs can well exceed any normal backloading cost. Some costs you may not be aware of while either hiring your own truck or using removalist services are:

1. Daily truck hire costs
2. Depot to depot fuel costs
3. Insurance and deposits hidden in terms and conditions
4. Damaged goods due to pool handling of furniture goods

Is backloading the right decision for you?

The essential point to remember with any interstate backloading service is that you will possibly share the space on a moving truck with other customers. We specialise in interstate furniture backloading removals and will generally only handle furniture goods and necessities. On the off chance that you have no issue with your containers and furniture being stacked into a truck with another client's assets, at that point this is likely the best and minimum costly decision for your movement.

On the off chance that you need an entire truck load of space for your home or office furniture goods. The Backloading Company can provide cost effective interstate moving service for this as well. Due to the need for us to fill the truck on the returning trip. While these alternatives are not as conservative, they will guarantee that you have the private utilization of a moving truck when you move.

Our moving expert staff will explain to you that backloading does not imply that your things will get any less consideration or care than with an ordinary furniture expulsion benefit.

We do understand that a backloading choice is perhaps not perfect for everyone but can be rather useful on the off chance that you have to move interstate and have a budget that you cannot exceed. Our best prices start at minimum of 3 cubic meters of space.

Backloading Removal Company

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